Everything you wanted to ask about the Wolfhouse


What is Wolfhouse?

Wolfhouse® specialises in facilitating team retreats, team getaways and off-sites for companies, distributed teams and startups of all sizes. We provide unique off-site venues with accommodation, working spaces and services. Our HQ is in London, UK.

We have launched the first coliving space for teams in Los Gigantes, Tenerife and currently host teams in 4 destinations – Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Slovakia and Croatia.

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What teams get?

In every Wolfhouse destination, teams can request and book 1) Accommodation, 2) Working space and 3) Team building activities and services, like catering, airport transfers or own chef. We provide lodging, work space and combination services based on requirements & preferences of each team.

Contact us for more info, or request a personalised offer for your team.

Why are you called the Wolfhouse?

We believe, that only a happy and motivated team can bring long-term success and we take inspiration from the nature. Wolf packs function as families, and teams. Everyone has a role, and if you act within the parameters of your role, the whole pack–team succeeds, and when that falls apart, so does the pack.

Wolfhouse helps bring teams together to live and work from new, inspiring environment and bond via team building exercises. Wolfhouse is designed to let teams live, work and play at one place, just like wolves who rest and hunt, as a part of one pack.

Being a team leader is not about being in the front, but taking care of the team and setting clear and right direction. In nature, the wolf pack advances by the rhythm and speed of the whole pack, under command of their leader, in the mutual understanding to leave no one behind.

The philosophy of the Wolfhouse is rooted in the manifestation of core components to team happiness. ‘StayWolf’ means to Stay Productive, Stay Inspired, Recharge Efficiently & Stay Strong.


How is the weather at each Wolfhouse Destination?

Tenerife and especially the south, is well-known for its brilliant weather conditions and as one of the warmest places in Europe. Los Gigantes, where the Wolfhouse is strategically located, receives the highest amount of sunshine per year. The island is often called ‘Islands of Eternal Spring’ due to it exceptional climate. You can have a look at the current weather in Tenerife and compare it to yours at Wolfhouse.co/Weather.


Gran Canaria benefits from year round sunshine and warmth with little seasonal variation. Summers are dry and hot, while winters are only a slightly cooler with few showers. Climate is sub-tropical and temperature during the year ranges from 20-26°.


Slovakia has European continental climate with 4 seasons of the year, each lasting 3 months. Summers, in most of the time are dry with sunny spells, and winters, are a little chilly and wet, sometimes snowy and often foggy, especially in the mountainous regions. The country is perfect for experiencing various types of team building activities depending on the season.


Croatia can be divided into two climate regions – Continental and Mediterranean. Wolfhouse in Croatia is located on the island of Krk, which is governed by a Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and sunny, winters are slightly cooler, although temperatures never gets too low. Croatia’s island offers a great location for team retreats with wide range of team building activities.


How many people can you host?

Maximum amount of team members we can host varies for every destination.  Wolfhouse in Los Gigantes, Tenerife is designed for teams with up to 20 people, however in Destination Tenerife we can host and facilitate team retreats for teams with up to 250 team members.

Wolfhouse in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has enough space to comfortably accommodate up to 30 team members in spacious rooms. In Gran Canaria, we can currently host and facilitate team retreats for teams with up to 250 team members.

Wolfhouse in High Tatras, Slovakia is able to accommodate in wooden cabins, nearby apartments and rooms from 10 up to 135 team members.

Wolfhouse on the Island of Krk, Croatia is designed for teams and can facilitate teams with 20 up to 550 team members in comfortable apartments & double rooms. For the current availability and more information, contact our team.


Who or what is the Wolfpack?

Wolfpack consists of team members of the Wolfhouse. We are present on-site or working remotely and making sure, you’ll enjoy your stay at the Wolfhouse to the fullest. Learn more about Our Team.


When can I book the Wolfhouse?

You can check the current availability of the Wolfhouse at any of our destinations by contacting our team via website chat (bottom right corner) or

Using our official Team Retreat Quote form
Asking us via our Website Contact form

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How is the accommodation?

We take special pride in our accommodation and aim to deliver ‘hotel standard’ in every of the destination. We always provide fresh linen, toiletries and towels. Rooms or apartments, depending on the location, are professionally cleaned upon arrival of the team. In Tenerife, teams can enjoy apartments and rooms with an ocean view. There are spacious and comfortable rooms in Gran Canaria, exclusive wooden cabins, apartments and double rooms in Slovakia, and double rooms and apartments in Croatia. Learn more about types of accommodation for every Wolfhouse Destination.


What’s the working space like?

We provide teams with working space, based on their needs and preferences. Working space can be either a fully-equipped office, meeting space, conference space or else. For more details about working space, have a look at preferred destination or contact our team.


Where can I give you a review?

You can review your experience at the Wolfhouse on Google, Facebook, G2Crowd and other platforms. Reviews on our website are real and automatically pulled out from our Facebook page.

Where can I follow you?

Stay Wolf, but follow us on our LinkedIn, Twitter, MediumFacebook, Instagram, Google+ and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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