Everything you want to ask about the Wolfhouse


What is Wolfhouse?

Wolfhouse® specialises in organising team retreats, off-sites and getaways for companies, distributed teams and startups of all sizes.

On Tenerife we opened the first coliving house for teams. Wolfhouse in Los Gigantes overlooks the Atlantic ocean and features spacious apartments, a fully-equipped office space, one smaller office, a Skype room for calls and privacy, a siesta room, outdoor and indoor communal areas, a palm garden, a swimming pool, a barbecue corner and parking spaces on the property.

Other Wolfhouse® Destinations include Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Slovakia and Croatia.

Where are you based?

Our HQ is in London, United Kingdom. Our address is 95 Wilton Road, SW1V 1B, London, UK.


What do you offer?

We provide (1) accommodation, (2) coworking office space, (3) team building activities and (4) additional services, like eg. airport transfers or catering. We combine the services, based on requirements and preferences of each customer. Contact us for more info, or request a personalised offer for your team.

Why are you called the Wolfhouse?

Wolf packs function as families and teams. Everyone has a role, and if you act within the parameters of your role, the whole pack (team) succeeds, and when that falls apart, so does the pack. Wolfhouse helps bring teams together, working from a new, inspiring environment whilst bonding via team building activities. Wolfhouse is designed to let teams live and work under one roof, just like wolves who rest and hunt, as a part of one pack.

Being a team leader is not about being in the front, but taking care of the team and setting clear and right direction. In nature, the wolf pack advances by the rhythm and speed of the whole pack, under command of their leader, in the mutual understanding to leave no one behind.

#StayWolf means to Stay Productive, Stay Creative, Stay Strong & Stay Inspired.

We believe, that only a happy and motivated team can bring long-term success. That’s why the philosophy of the Wolfhouse is rooted in the manifestation of core components to team happiness.


Where is the Wolfhouse?

Wolfhouse in Tenerife is situated just 5 minutes downtown from the iconic city and black sands beach of Los Gigantes. Our Address is Carretera a Puerto 87 or 69, 38684, Los Gigantes, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Find exact location on Google Maps here.

For information about our other locations, contact our team.

How is the weather over there?

Tenerife, and especially the south, is well known for its brilliant weather conditions and as one of the warmest places in Europe. Los Gigantes, where the Wolfhouse is strategically located, receives the highest average amount of sunshine per year. You can have a look for current weather and compare to yours at Wolfhouse.co/Weather.

For whom is the Wolfhouse intended?

Wolfhouse is intended for companies, startup teams and groups of co-workers.

Startups, companies and individuals can attend a team retreat or rent out the Wolfhouse for their own event.

Wolfhouse in Los Gigantes, Tenerife is designed for teams with up to 20 people. For bigger teams we offer other solutions on Tenerife and Canary Islands. Contact our team for more information.

How do teams use the Wolfhouse in Tenerife?

Wolfhouse in Los Gigantes (Tenerife) can be an ideal team retreat destination, productive team building experience, a way to engage offsite team members into company culture, an annual company meetup or a way to express gratitude towards employees. Companies initiate valuable trainings or learn how to effectively perform as a team at the Wolfhouse.

Companies can take advantage of the Wolfhouse in many ways. Some examples include: Learning & Development, Attracting Talent, Nurturing & Retaining Top Talent, Employee Experience, Increasing of Employee Retention, Innovation & Training, Creativity & Inspiration Boost, Productivity Boost, Decreasing of Employee Turnover & more.

How many people fit into the Wolfhouse?

Here, at the Wolfhouse in Los Gigantes, we have enough space to comfortably accommodate and provide office space for up to 18 people. It is possible to increase the number for 20 in a special arrangement. Wolfhouse features 600 meters square of accommodation areas and more than 1450 square meters of the common areas, including main office space, small office space, a Skype room, a siesta room, an outdoor pool area, a massive palm garden with parking space for 7 cars and 2 terraces overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.


What are these team retreats?

Company retreats, workations, coworking retreats, productive team buildings co-workations, work and play holidays or simply team retreats as we call it at Wolfhouse, are the new popular way to ignite employees’ passion, motivation and creativity.

Team Retreats at the Wolfhouse usually combine stay, work and a team building activity (teams can select from our wide range of activities). Every team retreat is different and balanced based on the team’s workload, goals and personal preferences.

As one example, have a look at TaskaLabs team retreat at the Wolfhouse.

A few benefits of team retreats include boost of productivity and team spirit, stronger relationships and better communication in the team. Change of scenery in combination with relaxation after work, has scientifically proven positive results on work productivity and motivation.

Who or what is the Wolfteam?

Wolfteam consists of team members of the Wolfhouse – Martin (founder and operations), Iria (host and management), Matus (photography, maintenance and activities), Jakub (online support) and other people working remotely or on-site, making sure you enjoy your stay at the Wolfhouse to the fullest.

When can I come to the Wolfhouse?

You can check the current availability of the Wolfhouse by messaging Wolfteam via website chat (bottom right corner) or

Using our official Team Retreat Quote form
In calendar during Booking your Coliving stay
Asking us via our Website Contact form


How do we get to Tenerife?

Getting to Tenerife is quite simple. There are direct flights to the biggest airport — Tenerife Sur (situated only 34 mins. from Los Gigantes) from the most EU Capitals including Paris, Vienna, Copenhagen, Oslo, Prague, Budapest, Dublin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Zurich, Berlin, Stockholm and many more. According to the FlightMapper, there are 132 direct / non-direct destinations from Tenerife (118 from south Tenerife airport)! For more information about flights, please read ‘How To Get To Tenerife With My Team‘ on the Wolfhouse Blog.


How is the accommodation?

Wolfhouse guests get private or shared accommodation in spacious and comfortable apartments, access to coworking office space, parking space plus in-house coffee, toiletries, linen and other amenities. All guests have access to sports equipment (bikes, surf boards, volleyballs, slackline, frisbee, etc.) free of charge, and the laundry room is available upon request.


Where can I give you a review?

You can review your experience at the Wolfhouse on Google Reviews, Facebook page, Coliving.com, Tripadvisor, Coworker or Coworking.coffee platform. Reviews on this website are automatically pulled from our Facebook.


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