May 8, 2017//3:04 pm

#RechargeAfterWork at the Wolfhouse // E01

Recharge After Work series; Episode 01 – E-bike to K16 / Punta Blanca.

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This is the first blog Episode of our series, mapping various activities you can do in and around the Wolfhouse.  E01 – take E-bike and ride down to K16, enjoy the video!

Punta Blanca or K16 is a well known surfing spot, frequented by local bodyboarders and surfers. Located only few minutes from Los Gigantes, its is one of the most favourite locations to #RechargeAfterWork day at the Wolfhouse. At Punta Blanca you can swim or run, skate, longboard, bike alongside the ocean to the Alcalá harbour or just chill and enjoy the sunset.

Stay Wolf – Stay Active & Productive at the Wolfhouse!