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England, Las Palmas, Tenerife South, Tatra Mountains, Tenerife North

About hiking

Hiking adventure

Everyone loves a good hike. Hiking brings us back to nature to ponder and appreciate the beauty of our natural surroundings away from the bustle and responsibilities of city life and work. It’s also healthy, improving endurance and muscle tone with a cardio workout that releases a nice dose of happy brain chemicals.

Hiking can be tailored to any group, with varying difficulty levels and durations or preferred terrains.

Group Hike

Hiking is an ideal team building activity that enhances togetherness and mutual experience, yet remains unassuming and not forced. It promotes a feeling of group accomplishment and spurs conversation, which in turn leads to bonding. Naturally, not everyone has the same level of fitness or experience.

Group hikes however intrinsically bring your team together and ensure a spirit where no one in the pack is left behind.

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Hiking in Tenerife

Tenerife is an island alive with contrasts thanks to its varying microclimates and morphologies. From coastal massifs, coves & beaches to varied forests and mountain lunar landscapes, the outdoor possibilities are a hiker’s dream.

Popular hiking trails in Tenerife South for teams & groups can be found in our Hiking guide.

Our favorite hike hits the trails of the island’s Maska Mountains starting at 850 meters above sea level in the historic village of Maska and descending to sea level and a hidden beach below. From there a taxi-boat awaits to return the team to Los Gigantes.

Masca Village

Masca village is fascinating in itself with its cobblestone paths and rural ambiance perched precariously atop a ridge dropping into sheer ravines on either side.

From here the descent gets underway down the Maska Barranco (ravine) trail. Incredible views out to the ocean are only interrupted by the narrow gorge walls, cane and palm thickets and bizarre rock and undergrowth scenes.

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Conquering Masca

Along the way, cool off in waterfalls and natural pools and take in some of the most amazing views on the island.

The Maska Barranco guided hiking adventure lasts roughly 3.5 hours, includes transport and boat taxi, snacks and water for €49 per person.

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