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England, Krk Island, Tenerife South, Las Palmas, Tatra Mountains, Tenerife North

About karting

Karting race day

Feel the need for speed? Turn your team into racing pilots for a day with an adrenaline pumping company karting competition. No prior experience is needed and the circuit coaches – who also ensure safety – will run you through an instructional introduction on race day.

Karting for teams

Karting challenges reflexes and spatial reactions as well as bringing out that competitive edge to push oneself to reach goals. Competition associated with fun activities promotes teamwork and camaraderie without leading to the negative aspects of rivalry. A team kart race is a great way to let off some steam – but mostly, it’s just a lot of fun!

Need for speed

Outdoor tracks in Croatia, Slovakia or under the sunny skies of Tenerife boast sizeable racing circuits and cutting-edge kart models that can reach up to 45 km/h. Those who don’t feel the need for speed can root for the team as spectators from the grandstand sipping a cold drink. A team karting race outing starts at €45 per person.

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