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Problem Solving Workshop

Tenerife South, Las Palmas, Tenerife North, Tatra Mountains

About problem solving workshop

Problems are there to be solved

Problems arise within any company or startup and in many forms. Whether in production, services, implementation or within teams, problems not addressed only get bigger.

This Wolfhouse problem solving workshop is designed to target a problem’s root causes and move toward a solution while improving the solving process skills of a team.

Problem solving workshop

The methodologies used in this workshop fit into any area or industry and are led by an experienced, professional facilitator. This is a structured workshop which among other things uses various techniques like Value Stream Mapping and results in a to-do list for real change implementation.

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Team facilitation

The advantages for teams in this workshop are obvious. Not only will they learn new problem solving methods for future use and actually solve a problem, the team building aspect is considerable. Communication through group brainstorming and co-development of the solution include everyone, making for closer-knit members and higher morale through achievement.

The facilitation – comprising of managed discussion using proven techniques – is lead by Gabriela Dandova, with 9 years experience in various improvement workshops and methodology based on the Lean Six Sigma approach – of which she has a LSS green belt certification.

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