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Sea Doos

Tenerife South, Las Palmas, Krk Island

About sea doos

Sea Doos Jet Ski

Time for a blast at breakneck speeds across the seas on a jet powered adventure. Sea Doo jet skis are without comparison the epitome of power when travelling on the water. Double-up with a teammate and follow your guide to secret coastal locations and a taste of the high seas with chances to snorkel and swim. Wolfhouse facilitates Sea Doo safaris at select destinations, like the Canary Island paradise of Gran Canaria.

Sea Doo team

A sea doo safari could certainly be considered an extreme sport activity. In extreme or scary situations, humans tend to stick together and support each other. Danger aside – because sea doos are quite safe – excitement is just an adrenaline rush that can be contagious. Bring your team together for a bit of action.

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