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Teide Experience

Tenerife South, Tenerife North

About Teide experience

Magical Teide

Experience the sunset and stargazing with your team from the highest mountain in Spain and the 3rd highest volcano on the planet – Mount Teide.

The island of Tenerife was born thanks to volcanic events that happened around 20-50 mil. of years ago. The dominant of the island is Pico del Teide peak with the height of 3,718m, which makes him the highest peak of Spain and the third biggest volcano peak in the world.

Teide National Park is an UNESCO World Heritage site for its special cultural, historical & scientific significance. More about Teide at Destination: Tenerife (Guide).

teide team retreat

Unique team experience

This activity is suitable for teams with 10 up to 115 team members.

You’ll be whisked to a height of 7,000ft (2,133m) with stops along the way, to take some team pictures for your SM pages/website and toast the sunset with a glass of Cava.



Petra Host at Teide

Starlight destination

Teide National Park has been crowned a ‘Starlight Destination’ – recognising it as one of the best places to stargaze away from light pollution.

Once the sun sets, your local guide will point out the night sky with a special laser, explaining different star constellations.

After that you will be served a delicious 3 course meal in the highest restaurant of Teide National Park.

Trip schedule

The whole Teide Experience trip takes between 8-9 hours. The schedule includes:

➭ Pick up of your team at the Wolfhouse venue

➭ A professional local guide that will give you lot of interesting information

➭ Lunar landscapes of the Teide National Park, explaining star constellation by your guide, viewpoints where you can relax and take photographs

➭ Toast the sunset with a glass of sparkly Cava, a delicious 3 course meal with wine and coffee

➭ Drop off at the Wolfhouse venue or your preferred location

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