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Wine Tasting

Krk Island, Tenerife South, England, Tatra Mountains

About wine tasting

Wine tasting

For slower-paced, casual group activities, wine tasting is a leisurely outing that highlights the cultural flavor of a destination. But it’s not only about supping the grape and getting tipsy in the process. Wine tasting trips usually take your group to a countryside vineyard with sights of the natural surroundings along the way. Accompanied by a wine expert, you’ll learn of local wine making methods, how to identify wines, aromas and the region’s specialties with a look at the often centuries-old vineyard locations.

Tasting together

Think about how simple a thing as wine tasting can enhance team building and group togetherness. Wine consumption aside, which naturally loosens the mood and lets certain barriers fall, a gourmet endeavour simply bonds. Comparing tastes, favorite cuisine combinations, or just who likes what, lets groups get more acquainted and learn about each other’s quirks and qualities.

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