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Yoga sessions

Studies show, yoga can considerably help improve concentration, focus, reaction time and even memory. Breathing and meditative exercises calm and restore the mind while balancing the system and keep the body fit and healthy. These benefits are noticeable even after the very first session. The continued practice of yoga increases flexibility, muscle strength and tone, improves respiration, energy and vitality and helps maintain a balanced metabolism.

Team yoga

You don’t have to be the spiritual type, a health nut or extremely active person to give yoga a go. Yoga is also an effective team building activity, advantageous to a healthy work-life balance and especially effective when practiced in groups. Above all, it’s enjoyable, super healthy and perfect for winding down after a productive yet demanding workday.

Our teacher

Taught by Monika, a professional yoga instructor and aero-gymnastics performer, lessons are adapted to your group’s level of knowledge and experience. Sessions can be practiced in the fresh island air of the Wolfhouse palm garden or pool area or at Monika’s Tenerife studio if prefered and start at only €10/hour per person.

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