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Zipline Park

Tatra Mountains, Tenerife South, Tenerife North

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Unique treetop

Climb up the walls and rope ladders and enjoy high rope obstacles in the treetops.

Want to swing like a group of Tarzans & Janes? This unique experience is awaiting you at the gates of Teide National Park.

Zipline Forest Park in Tenerife North offers a unique experience, a leisure activity in-between canary pine trees and a splendid landscape in the protected area of Las Lagunetas. In Tatra Mountains, there are 3 zipline parks with the biggest measuring 1.1km and featuring 95 obstacles.

Zipline forest park

Bring a group or team for a unique, fun and bonding outdoor experience. Leave your iPhone at home and recharge yourself in diverse nature of the Canary Islands.

We already know that team building activities have a measurable and positive effect on team performance and employee satisfaction.

team building

But did you know that adrenaline can also help bring your team closer? That’s right, adrenaline-fuelled team building activities create stronger bonds.

Adrenaline is closely tied with other neurochemicals, including serotonin, which makes us feel confident, and dopamine, which makes us feel rewarded. Triggering adrenaline can therefore create a unique, memorable experience among your team members, making them feel content.

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