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Wolfhouse Destination

Tenerife North

Accommodation & Workspace

Wolfhouse® offers a range of venues with accommodation and workspace designed exclusively for teams.

Stay, work, relax and experience Tenerife with your team!


Houses, villas & fincas

We know that one size does not fit all and that’s why we offer variety of properties to accommodate your team.

Can you share rooms or do you require singles for each person? Do you need lightning speed WiFi or venue nearby co-working space? We will pick the right venue based on your team’s type, size and requirements.


Working space

Sometimes you work, some days you relax. Spaces for uninterrupted and focused work and productive meetings.

Whether you need a huge workspace to sit your whole team, a small but fully-equipped office to go along with your accommodation or just a meeting room with a beamer and a flip-chart, we got you covered!

Your next company meetup, crafted by the Wolfhouse

Let’s start planning