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Frequently asked questions

Everything you wanted to ask about the Wolfhouse

Wolfhouse® is a company that provides unique venues and services for retreats, offsites and getaways for teams, groups, entrepreneurs, companies & startups of all sizes.

Our unique venues provide fully-equipped accommodation, workspaces and an array of activities and services. We launched our first coliving space for teams in Los Gigantes, Tenerife and currently host groups and team retreats in 4 destinations.

Learn more about What is Wolfhouse.

We took inspiration from the synergy of nature. Wolf packs function as families and are essentially teams. Every member has an important role to play, which, if performed effectively and in collaboration, benefits the whole pack-team and leads to success. When this falls apart, so does the pack.

Being a team leader is not about being at the forefront, it is about caring for the team and setting a clear and proper direction. In nature, the wolf pack advances to the rhythm and speed of the whole pack, under the guidance of their leader, who steers from the back of the group in the mutual understanding that no-one will be left behind.

Wolfhouse helps bring teams together in stimulating environments to facilitate productivity and bonding via offsite working and team building activities. This design allows teams to live, work and play as a group, just like wolves who rest and hunt as a part of one pack.

We believe that only a happy and motivated team can bring long-term success. The philosophy of the Wolfhouse is rooted in the manifestation of core components to happiness. ‘StayWolf’ means to Stay Productive, Stay Positive, Stay Inspired & Stay Strong.

Wolfhouse offers a range of different venues at our inspiring destinations, featuring quality accommodation and/or space for teams and groups like workspaces, communal areas and meeting spaces.

Head to the landing page of any destination for more information about available venues.

Tenerife and especially the south, is well-known for its brilliant weather conditions and as one of the warmest places in Europe. Los Gigantes, home to Wolfhouse, receives the highest amount of sunshine per year of the Canary Islands. Tenerife is known as the ‘Island of Eternal Spring’ due to it’s consistently pleasant coastal climate.

Gran Canaria benefits from year-round sunshine and warmth with little seasonal variation. Summers are dry and hot, while winters are only slightly cooler with few showers. The climate is subtropical and temperatures throughout the year range from 20-26°C.

Slovakia has a European continental climate with 4 seasons. Summers are mostly dry and sunny and winters are chilly and wet, sometimes snowy and often foggy, especially in the mountainous regions. The country is perfect for experiencing various types of team building activities depending on the season.

Croatia is divided into two climate regions – Continental and Mediterranean. Wolfhouse in Croatia is located on the Island of Krk in the Aegean Sea which is governed by a Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and sunny, winters are slightly cooler, although temperatures never drop very low. The Croatian islands make for great locations to plan team retreats and workations with a wide range of team-building activities available.

Depending on your destination of choice, Wolfhouse can currently host anywhere from 5-550 persons. In Tenerife we can offer space for groups of up to 250 team members. Venues that can host up to 200 persons are available in Gran Canaria. In Slovakia we can currently host groups and teams with up to 135 persons. Venues on the Island of Krk, Croatia are capable of hosting from 20 to 550 people. For current availability and specific capacity information, contact our team.

You can check the current availability of any of our Wolfhouse venues by requesting the quotation, or contacting our team via email or a website chat (bottom right corner).

After specifying number of attending persons, date or date range and preferences, we will send you price estimate for your team or a group.

If you are happy with the provided estimate, you can request the final quote and reserve your dates by simply paying the deposit (25% of accommodation cost). That’s it, you can tell your team to start packing.

We take special pride in our accommodation and aim to deliver ‘hotel standards’ at each and every destination venue. We always provide fresh linens, toiletries and towels. Rooms or apartments are professionally cleaned prior to the group’s arrival.

In Tenerife, teams can enjoy apartments and rooms with an Atlantic ocean view overlooking La Gomera island. There are spacious and comfortable rooms, centrally located in Gran Canaria, exclusive log cabins, apartments and double rooms with alpine views in Slovakia, and beachside double rooms and apartments in Croatia. Learn more about our types of accommodation for every Wolfhouse destination.

We provide teams with workspace to meet the needs and preferences essential to convenience and productivity. Workspaces include (1) working spaces (eg. fully-equipped office), (2) communal spaces or (3) meeting spaces, all with high-speed WiFi. For further details about workspaces have a look at venues of your preferred destination or contact the Wolfhouse team.

Postponement of a booking or cancellation are subject to the availability and our terms of use. Depending on timing of the cancellation, we can refund part or the whole amount of the booking.

All cancellation and date change requests have to be made in writing, sent and confirmed by the Wolfhouse team (bookings@wolfhouse.co) via email.

For more information about the cancellation and postponement of a booking, please read our Terms.

You can review your stay at the Wolfhouse venue, company retreat or workation experience on Google, Facebook or G2Crowd. All reviews on our website are genuine.

Yes, you can follow Wolfhouse on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Besides our Blog, we occasionally post on Medium.

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