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Remote & Distributed teams

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Get together, in real life

Working remotely is great! But even distributed teams sometimes need to see each other outside of Skype, Slack and other online communication tools, in real life. That is what remote team retreats are for. Wolfhouse provides an ideal solution for bringing your team together with an array of attractive locations and stylish venues with accommodation and workspaces.

Distributed teams that have already given it a go confirmed that annual meetup or team retreat with face to face interaction can really bring it various benefits. These don’t tend have only short term effects but the benefits of such get-together are felt and visible for a long time after returning to traditional environment and schedule!


Well, you’d be glad to hear that there is plenty of cool accommodation options available to make your remote team feel comfortable, cool, calm and collected.

Wolfhouse prides itself to offer houses, fincas, villas, rooms or mountain style log cabins in desirable locations and always close to where the action or natural beauty is.


At Wolfhouse we make sure you have everything you need so that you and your remote team can get serious amount of work done, without any unnecessary interruptions.

Leave it to us to ensure you have excellent & reliable WiFi connection, desks, meeting rooms, chairs and a steady stream of freshly brewed coffee always on hand to reach your team goals.


Everyone’s most favourite part. After work time! Time to explore new surroundings, enjoy the sun and beaches, go for a swim, surf or a hike or hit the clubs and party till the sun comes up.

Whatever takes you and your team fancy, just ask us. We are here for you and can organise that for you!

Destinations for remote teams

“The Wolfhouse team took great care of us and made sure our company meetup involving 60+ people was memorable and hassle-free.“”

– Ken Weary, VP of Operations at Hotjar

Reach goals

Retreats and offsites are the perfect opportunity to focus and reach projected goals in a distraction-free environment. Planning a new build of your app or the next product? Our team retreat alumni claim rapid and effective boosts of productivity during their stay. Set and reach your goals with a Wolfhouse retreat.


Like a thriving wolf pack, bonded teams perform their roles more effectively and cohesively. With positive team relationships come enhanced productivity, which affects a company’s bottom line. Wolfhouse provides a unique environment for your next company retreat. Bring your team together!


To maintain output, focus, motivation and creativity, breaks are as important as the work itself. A morning swim, an afternoon run or a moment to reflect can release pressure and relax the mind. Want to use our sports gear? How about a barbecue? Wolfhouse can organise after-work activities to help your team chill.

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