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About workspace service

Workspace for your team

Whether you need a huge workspace to sit your whole team, a small but fully-equipped office to go along with your accommodation or just a meeting room with a beamer and a flip-chart, we got you covered!

The most valuable resources of your organisation are your people, places and technology.

Aside from providing an ideal accommodation for your team, we have working and meeting spaces for you to utilise & make your working day a success.

Space that ticks all the boxes ✓

Whether you’re a tech startup itching for a place to work, IT team or an agency looking for a quiet & professional place to hold online meetings with clients, or a group looking for a space to hold your networking event, a photoshoot or a party, there are some brilliantly convenient and affordable options in every Wolfhouse destination!

We work only with the best co-working & meeting space providers, able to host small (5-10 pax), medium sized (11-59 pax) or large (60+ pax) teams.

Venues with a workspace

For team retreats, offsites and workations, keen to brainstorm and conceptualise new projects, finalise existing ones and generally promote productivity, some of our Wolfhouse venues feature an on-site workspace.

Few examples in Tenerife include the Wolfhouse Los Gigantes  or the Modern villa in Tegueste, in Las Palmas there is a Penthouse for teams, in Tatra Mountains there are Lakeside retreat in Low Tatras or Wellness retreat in High Tatras, and more venues in other destinations.

Not sure whether to book a venue with an on-site or off-site workspace? Contact our team, we will be happy to help!