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The Canary Islands – Teaser for FICMEC

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FICMEC is international festival of environmental cinema. We just stumbled upon this teaser for THE CANARY ISLANDS and had to share it with you..


FICMEC will be happening in Garachico on west coast of Tenerife, not too far from the Los Gigantes, where the Wolfhouse is located. Premiere of THE CANARY ISLANDS is scheduled for 30th May. See you there!



Relationship between humans and the environment in which develops its strategies, whether these survival or development, is one of our time’s great issues.

Probably this analogy underlies other problems as a crucial element as it establishes degree of welfare, freedom and sustainability that affecting the territory.

Human lives, transforms and uses the spaces occupied as no other species has done in the planet’s history. The human’s successful adaptation has motivated outrages well known, but also the emergence and progressive development of an acceptance and knowledge.

The consequences of such misfortunes have been reflected in the sort of “sensitivity to nature” that has been expressed by contemporary thought and large-scale political actions have been consolidated.

The pressure between development and conservation, the divergence between preservation and natural heritage’s enjoyment derives in other problems. In these drawbacks the economy, the weath’s distribution, industry, politics or social are involved in a decisive way.

This opens up many and diverse insights which make the ecological theme one of the most exciting and necessary discussions of this new century. In this ideological context becomes interesting a film festival as which Garachico proposes to Canary and world’s citizens.

A festival that takes over what throughout the 80s, in Puerto de la Cruz, was a pioneer in this type of content. Now it wants to be fully integrated into a contemporary look, more difficult and problematic in itself. But certainly it’s useful and provocative.

It is also to do so in Canary Islands and from Canary Islands: an island territory located on the map over current major information routes, trade, tourism, goods transport, flow of people, cultural exchanges…

A territory whose fragility and natural resources become an argument that adds need and even drama when it’s time to thinking coherently and comprehensively in ecology and it actions.

Follow FICMEC on Facebook,or visit their website to learn more about the festival location and programme.