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Top 10 Reasons Why To Take Your Team to Bali

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Two words – team building. What springs to mind? Conventional teamwork sessions and awkward trust exercises? You’ll probably be relieved to know it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine the advantages of a conventional workspace in an idyllic retreat setting, with common areas to encourage group bonding and exciting activities your team will actually enjoy. Sounds too good to be true, right?

team retreat offers you and your team mates all of this and more. And best of all, we’ve recently added beautiful Bali (aka the Island of the Gods) to our list of destinations for teams (#Destinations4Teams).

Team retreats are a fantastic way to encourage creativity, passion and productivity in startups or fully-fledged businesses, small IT teams, medium-sized sports teams, large tech startups or distributed teams that work remotely from different corners of the world. And they’re made even better in an inspirational location like Bali, where you can tackle your common goals and enjoy a sunshine boost together your team.

From mountains to volcanoes and black-sand beaches, this place offers a real feast for the eyes. What’s more, Bali’s ancient culture and welcoming hospitality makes it one of the best-loved Indonesian islands. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention all the wonderful food that’s on offer.

Are you thinking about investing in a company retreat for your team? Here are the top 10 reasons why to take your team to Bali.

1. Break free from day-to-day tasks

Time away from the office is a great way to step away from the daily grind and look at the bigger picture. And when that picture is Bali’s rich tapestry of landscapes, who wouldn’t be inspired? (Hint: no-one!)

Encourage your team to switch off their company smartphones and ignore incoming emails. You could even arrange a yoga session to help everyone to relax at the start (or end) of the day. Without all the usual interruptions and distractions, people are much more likely to think outside the box, helping them to come up with new ideas and better ways of working.


2. Tackle work-related stress

The CIPD’s Health and Well-being at Work Survey 2019 collected the views of more than 1000 people professionals, covering 3.2 million employees working in the UK. 37% reported an increase in stress-related sickness absence and the top three causes of stress were workload, management style and relationships at work. To tackle this, the CIPD recommends getting to know your team better and promoting healthy working habits, both of which can easily be added to the agenda for your Bali team retreat.


3. Stay in a truly unique venue

Wolfhouse offers a diverse Bali location for your next team getaway. Nestled in a rural spot surrounded by ocean, rice fields and volcano views, the venue is made from repurposed shipping containers. With 16 bedrooms, communal living areas, a swimming pool and restaurant, this impressive retreat can comfortably accommodate up to 37 people. There’s a fully equipped on-site co-working space with plenty of sockets and a reliable internet connection. Nearby Pig Stone beach is only 800m away and if anyone’s into surfing, you’ll find great waves to suit every ability here. Team retreats by Wolfhouse start from €50 per person per night – get a quote for your team here.


4. Enjoy dedicated support from our retreat specialist & local Host

The Wolfhouse team are on-hand to facilitate your team retreat. Each pack member brings their own individual skills and qualities to the table, ensuring everything will run smoothly while you’re in Bali. Meaning you can focus all your energy on the team (and having fun!)

wolfhouse team

5. Explore a new place – together

How well do your team really know each other? Spending time together in a new place is sure to create organic, casual conversations that may never have happened in the office. And if your teamwork remotely, this could be the first time they’ve actually met face-to-face. Either way, a team retreat in Bali will offer plenty of opportunities to get to know each other and find out what makes people tick.

6. Agree important decisions

About to embark on a new project or make important company decisions? Bring all your key stakeholders to Bali and dedicate a morning to talking shop at an in-person meeting of the minds.  After lunch, make an executive decision to take the team off the beaten track to the Aling-aling Waterfalls where you can experience Bali’s nature at its very best. Accompanied by a local guide, you’ll have the chance to learn more about the area and splash around in the waterfalls. Most of all, you’ll enjoy a shared experience with your team as you get a taste of local life in Bali.

7. Stay productive

What you want to achieve with a team retreat and how much time you will divide between your work and leisure depends on your goals, and its completely up to you. If you will need to stay focused, you can utilise a fully equipped on-site coworking space with plenty of sockets and a reliable internet connection. Wolfhouse hosted up to date thousands of team members and many dozens of teams that reported dramatic increase in work productivity during their stay.

“During the week we spent at Wolfhouse, we completed a project that would have taken three months. On top of that, we still found time to rest and had plenty of fun too! Quite simply, I have never experienced such efficient teamwork in my life.”
Ales Teska (CEO of TeskaLabs)

You can read more about experiences of our customers at Wolfhouse Stories.

8. Go on an adventure

Ride a dirt bike along the rugged coastline, explore secluded beaches and quaint fishing villages before enjoying an unforgettable Bali sunset. Learn about local life and customs as you discover local villages on an e-bike – they’re designed with fat tires to help you navigate broken paths, plus they have an electric motor to give you a boost up the hills! If your team’s full of thrill-seekers, a rafting adventure will be right up their street – experience nature from a different perspective and strengthen your team with this exhilarating activity.

9. Take some time out

Read this one carefully – a team retreat shouldn’t feel like a non-stop work-fest! Resist the temptation to create a chock-a-block schedule by giving your team (and yourself!) several allocated chunks of free time. Allowing people to spend a few hours on activities of their own choosing will help to relax them, leaving them better able to focus on those all-important business discussions. Everyone’s a winner.

10. Celebrate success

How often do you take the opportunity to truly celebrate the achievements of your team? Let’s be honest, most of us will admit to a rushed “thank you” accompanied by a bag of doughnuts from the supermarket (and that’s on a good day). At the end of your productive team break in Bali, take time to sit back and relax with your colleagues over dinner and drinks. In magnificent surroundings like this, a sincere thank you is sure to be worth its weight in gold.

BONUS: Invest in a culture deck

A culture deck is a bit like an employee handbook; it’s a document that describes your company’s culture, vision and values. Want to boost your competitive advantage? Why not allow one of Wolfhouse’s talented team to draw up your company’s culture deck during your Bali retreat? When you arrive back at the company HQ, you can store it internally for existing employees or publish it as part of your talent management strategy.


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