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The Wolfhouse Story

People’s diet and health habits have been changing for the better in recent years, from reducing sugar to exercising more. However, our working habits have not. Stress and well-being at work are big issues and employee dissatisfaction is costing global enterprises big time. $300 Billion a year to be exact, according to the Healthways Gallup Wellbeing Index.

So what factors contribute to a team’s happiness, and how can managers truly begin to address them? Plenty of companies respond to these daunting statistics with free food, gym memberships and office dogs. Well, you’ll get an A+ for effort, but it turns out that there is much more to the equation of long-term happiness and motivation. There are just some things beanbag chairs and ‘pizza Fridays’ can’t solve.


But what if there was a way to boost team spirit and productivity through a team retreat or getaway in a unique and inspiring location? A retreat that can provide teams with the benefits of a traditional office, plus increased workplace freedom and some well-deserved rest and relaxation, all while strengthening team relationships through fun activities?

In 2016 we decided to combine the concepts of coliving and coworking into one space on the south west coast of Tenerife. Wolfhouse® Los Gigantes became the first coliving space in the world designed exclusively for teams.

Wolfhouse offers a transformative experience that makes team members feel valued, returning to the office with renewed energy and positivity. What you are left with is a happy, productive and motivated team.

Inspired by Tech and Nature

Wolfhouse was founded by Martin Studencan out of a desire to bring teams together to live, work and play in inspiring destinations. As a longstanding ambassador of the remote working model, Martin realised the potential of offsite retreats for team building, morale and productivity when leading a team at a London digital agency. His experience includes co-founding an award-winning startup STEMI, and being nominated for the Forbes 30 Under 30. This background forged a path leading to the Wolfhouse concept.

Wolfhouse opened its doors to workforces from around the world, offering comfortable venues, fully-equipped accommodation and workspaces with a unique lifestyle twist. Teams and groups can get stuck into all sorts of fun activities, from stand-up paddle boarding and yoga, to wine tasting and hiking.

We took inspiration from the synergy of nature. Wolf packs function as families and are essentially teams. Every member has an important role to play, which, if performed effectively and in collaboration, benefits the whole pack-team and leads to success.

Wolfhouse helps bring teams together in stimulating environments to facilitate productivity and bonding via off-site working and team building activities. This design allows teams to live, work and play as a group, just like wolves who rest and hunt as a part of one pack.

Wolfhouse offers a transformative experience that makes team members feel valued, returning to the office with renewed energy and positivity. What you are left with is a happy, productive and motivated team.

Why Wolfhouse?

Unique venues for teams, groups and retreats

Wolfhouse offers a range of venues, accommodation, workspaces & services for teams and groups.

Save time and money thanks to our organisation

We help facilitate your offsite, retreat or team getaway from the moment you land up until you leave the destination.

Amazing trip support from our team

Our Retreat Specialist & local Hosts are making sure everything runs smooth and you can focus on your team and having fun.

Who is Wolfhouse for

Wolfhouse provides unique venues and retreats for teams and groups in parts of the world that inspire all. Our offer includes venues with a fully-equipped accommodation, workspaces and an array of engaging activities and services for teams.

Companies & startups
From small tech startups and medium sized agencies to large companies, Wolfhouse can provide the suitable venue for your company meetup, incentive trip, team-building, executive offsite, workation or simply a well deserved team retreat.

Distributed teams
Ever wondered what people look like behind those avatars and multiple communication platforms? Bring your remote team together at one of our unique Wolfhouse destinations for teams and finally meet each other face to face. On top of accommodation and workspaces, at Wolfhouse, we provide a variety of team-building activities and services to ensure you can focus on your work and productivity while still having loads of fun.

Groups & Entrepreneurs
Traveling in a pack? Wolfhouse doesn’t only support business and company retreats. Groups of friends or coworkers, alumni or club gatherings can enhance their meetups, bleisure trips or working holidays at the Wolfhouse venues. Let us do the planning, so you can lean back and enjoy your experience.

Thanks to multiple unique venue locations, access to amenities and useful services at every Wolfhouse destination, entrepreneurs and coworkation facilitators can take advantage of Wolfhouse again and again. Different climate zones and one of a kind environments in every Wolfhouse destination make it possible to choose and implement different variations of events tailored to the size and preferences of the group.

The Team

Each and every member of the Wolfhouse team represents the spirit of the Wolfhouse. We are driven by a common vision – an enthusiasm for a healthy work-life balance and the passion to deliver quality and unique experiences for teams, companies and startups. We are diverse, but move to the same rhythm in synergy and fulfil an array of roles – like wolves in nature, as part of one pack.

Martin Studencan
Petra Eskutova
Retreat Specialist
Snezana Skokova
Gabriela Dandova
Team Facilitator
Tommaso Ferrari
Photography & Video
Scott Nguyen
Real Estate Advisor

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help teams reach their full potential, boost productivity and strengthen team spirit by providing an all-round solution for companies, startups and entrepreneurs.

Only a happy and motivated team can bring long-term business success. That’s why the philosophy of the Wolfhouse is rooted in the manifestation of the core components of team happiness and motivation.

It’s our goal to ensure teams and groups are able to come together in an inspiring environment to stay productive, ignite passion and spark creativity, as well as find a better work-life balance. Bring your team together in one of our venues and see how it can revitalise and motivate your team to achieve greater success.

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