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We are launching new Wolfhouse® Destinations!

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We started Wolfhouse® with the ambition to help companies and startups bring their teams together in a unique and inspiring environment. Unique and special in a way, that provides teams with all they need to stay productive, relax, bond and have fun under one roof. We designed and build a fully-equipped coworking office space inside a traditional Spanish finca in Tenerife and experienced the first hand amazing benefits of such environment.

Boost of productivity, team spirit, renewed positivity and energy are only few to mention, but positive reviews and testimonials of our teams speak for themselves. When it comes to team retreats, we aim to offer a quality experience with attention to details.

And now, we are ready to apply our know-how and personal approach in new places. We are happy and proud to announce, that we are launching new Wolfhouse® Destinations, where we will facilitate our team retreats. New places, but the same effort, unique combination of services and activities and the same emphasis on quality and Work-Life balance. We are on a mission to help more teams to come together to live, work and play in inspiring environment.

We are launching Gran Canaria, Slovakia and Croatia!


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