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#StayWolf News Feb – April 17′

#StayWolf News — Wolfpack

Two months ago we had successfully opened doors of the Wolfhouse in Los Gigantes, what we are proud to call the first coliving house for teams in the world. We opened at the Launch Pool Party, where we had loads of fun with amazing people and friends, remember? Since, we have worked hard and would like to share some stats with you now.

Since 20th of February we have:

➾ Hosted 47 people in the Wolfhouse
➾ Hosted the first team retreat with a great success (Video review soon to be published)
➾ Received 14 five star reviews on Facebook, 6 on Google and 11 elsewhere (~25% overlap)
➾ Avg. occupancy of the Wolfhouse was 34.48%

It took:

➾ 3 fully focused Wolfteam members
➾ 2 Worldpackers
➾ 1080 office work hours
➾ 63 hours of offline or online meetings

➾ 120 hours of palm garden, apartments & pool maintenance
Approximately 714 cups of coffee
2 drowned iPhones
1200 litres of EPS polystyrene balls – filling for the bean bags
➾ 3 ‘Feedback On The Beach’ sessions
Over 15 GB of photo and video content (60% processed)
70 litres of car gas and around 16,000 miles in air
1464 hours of work and play and sleep in total

During those 61 days:

We were invited and had the opportunity to present our philosophy and goals at University of La Laguna, radio station, speak on the podcast of Community of Digital Nomads of Barcelona and in a local television El Dia (only for 30 seconds though:).



During past months we have met in person or via Skype founders of amazing coliving and coworking spaces (Frank from CoworkingInTheSun, Nacho from CoworkingC, Eduardo from Sun And Co, F’Annie & Hazique from Swiss Escape, André from Hub Fuerteventura), became friends or made connections with local or worldwide entrepreneurs (Carlos from CJSS, Max from Nomad Cruise, Kitti from Roots’n’Joy, Daniel from Coliving.com, Fabien from Coworking.coffee, Niall from Disrupting the Rabblement, Jan from Demi Solutions, Rubén from Nomad Islands and many remote workers and entrepreneurs from in and around Canary Islands. We do not believe in competition, but collaboration. 

Oh, and we also..

➾ Put together one guide about the island – Destination: Tenerife
➾ Are organising the first meetup for Remote Workers – Saturday 22.4. on Fanabe beach
➾ Are preparing and will publish soon info about a camp for individuals in September 2017!

So far it was very challenging and a wonderful ride and we are looking forward for more. We are here to stay! And you are welcome to bring your team over, and book a team retreat. If you’d like to get to know us – plan a Skype call, or just stop by the Wolfhouse to say Hi.

Hasta Pronto!